Apartment Moving

Apartment moving may be considered smaller and have less items to be moved than your typical house move, but as stressful as moving is it can be as bit as a challenge as a regular house move. Dealing with long corridors, elevators, underground lots and parking issues, respecting the space of other tenants. That’s where Montreal Small Moves comes in with the right amount of experience having done many of these kinds of moves on a daily basis, with proper equipment and dollies on hand making the move go smoothly, safely and efficiently. We will bring your boxes furniture, large, small and all other possessions.

Commercial or Office Moving

At Montreal Small Moves we are equipped to handle most commercial or office moves safely and cost effectively. With the right equipment, tools and skilled staff we can dismantle and reassemble office work stations including corner desks quickly and transport items safely to their new workspace. Filing cabinets and other heavy or awkward pieces are no problem. Working afterhours when office buildings are shut down to the general public, and used specifically for moving is also no problem, and we will work until the wee hours of the night to ensure that there is no down time in your business.

Delivery Service

Montreal Small Moves is also geared to do those small deliveries as in our name. SMALL MOVES.
Whether are replacing fridge, stove, washer or dryer, we have experienced staff using straps to move these items from one location to your existing location, and installing them at no extra charge. We will even remove your old appliances at your request.


Often times purchases of furniture, beds or other items are made online through Craigslist, Kijiji and other websites, with the dilemma of how to get these items to the home of the purchaser at an affordable cost. That’s where Montreal Small Moves comes in again. We have the flexibility to coordinate with both ends on pickup and delivery times. Just give us a call for a free quotation (514) 965-9997

We Service Montreal, Laval, Longueil, South shore, Brossard, Saint Lambert, Saint Hubert, Boucherville, La Prairie, Delson, Saint Julie, Saint Bruno, Saint Jean de Richelieu, West Island, Blainville, Saint Jerome, Chateaugay, Eastern Townships, Saint Dorothee,Deux Montagnes,Point Calumet,Oka, Pincourt, Dorion,Hudon,Saint Lazarre, Baie d,urf, Saint Anne de Bellevue, Vaudreuil, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, Point Claire, Pierrfonds, and the Laurentians, Including Mont Tremblant. We also extend our services to other areas in or outside of Quebec.

House Moving

At your request Montreal Small Moves can move your entire home. “BIG OR SMALL, WE DO IT ALL” Moving can be an exciting time creating a new beginning or chapter in ones life, but at the same time it can also be stressful. So many things to consider (List of things on our IMPORTANT TIPS PAGE) Again with the knowledge of our experienced movers, we will handle your move professionally so things go smoothly, safely and efficiently, without causing any damage to your precious belongings.

Labor Only

In so many instances our clients have a truck already rented and only need professional movers to load or unload, because the truck is going out of town or arriving from another city. Other clients may be moving within the same building or moving furniture within the same home, possibly from one floor to another or have had Home depot drop off an order onto the sidewalk, since they do not bring building materials in the home for you. In these cases we have experienced movers available without the use of a truck at lower rates. Just made a trip to Ikea? Need a hand with assembly of the things you purchased? This is something we do on a regular basis. Just give us a call and we will schedule the appointment.
(514) 965-9997

Packing and Unpacking

As if thinking about moving is not stressful enough. Accumulating all the things over the years can be an eyesore and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Let our trained professionals assess the situation and come prepared with boxes and supplies before moving day to help give you a jumpstart packing and get the ball rolling. Knowing you will be prepared on moving day, gives peace of mind allowing you to focus on other important things that need to be done during the moving process. After the move is finished, we can even help unpacking and placement of things to get you settled in comfortably very quickly.


Often times when moves are done our customers move to smaller places and need to put things in storage, they may be in transition from one place waiting for their new place to be available, or they leave town or the country for periods of times and also need to put things into storage.

Montreal small moves in collaboration with Montreal Mini storage work side by side offering excellent moving services with clean, security monitored and climate controlled storage facilities. Whether you have the contents of 1 room, an entire house, or other belongings, storage lockers of various sizes are available at multiple locations In Montreal. Let us take care of your storage needs.

For more info please call ((514) 252-5625) or visit (

Student and Senior Moves

Student and Senior moves are entirely different, but generally smaller moves than most moves and still need to be handled with the utmost care paying close attention to the needs of the student or senior. Students may be overwhelmed having to move, as they move quite often, especially during exam time at the end of the school year when their focus is on their grades and they need to know that they have a trustworthy reliable mover that will take care of everything, leaving them completely stress free. Seniors on the other hand have other issues to deal with such as health issues at times, may be relocating to nursing or old age homes which can be stressful and emotionally challenging. Knowing the seniors residences and their rules is important as there are only particular times allowed for the use of elevators and designated parking areas. That’s where we come in. Montreal Small Moves are Student & Senior Moving Specialists, knowing the areas and buildings surrounding Montreal that most students reside in, and have good relations with management in Many Seniors Residences surrounding the Montreal area.

Waste Disposal, Donation and Recycling

As you sort through your things you may have thoughts about letting go of certain things, especially if you are downsizing and don’t have room, or are purchasing new items to replace older ones. There are options you have to consider that include selling these things, Donating them to organizations like the Salvation Army, Renaisance, etc. Recycling or Eco centre. Either way they will need to be transported to their new destination, and again that’s something Montreal Small Moves can do for you. Also on all moves there is left over waste that needs to be disposed of and again it is something that we will take care of allowing you to focus on your new home.


Hi Archie, I would just like to thank you for helping us out on Monday. Your commitment, your punctuality, your great attitude and zeal have not gone unnoticed! May God richly reward you and continue to use you for His kingdom. The next pick-up date will be on Monday, April 7th. I will send you another e-mail by Friday April 4th as a reminder. Have a great rest of the week and God Bless! Lina Carosello Coordinatrice / Coordinator Amour en action / Love in Action Programme de paniers de Noel / Christmas Food Basket Program Chapelle Bonne Nouvelle / Good News Chapel Tel.: (450) 659-4025,

Hi Archie, first of all thank you so much for your work and professionalism this Saturday. I know the weather was bad and I really appreciate that you did the job. As I mentioned to you I would like to hire you again for two more jobs: I look forward to hearing from you, Milena

Hello archi, First of all I would like to thank you for the work that you did. My uncle was very impressed with your work, and spoke very highly of you. As we talked before I will be needing you again in July. However I think that I booked you for the 8th and I am wondering if I can move the date up to the 7th. If that is not good for you we can do it sooner as well. Please let me know if this is ok.

H Archie I just wanted to thank you so very much for the amazing efficient job done by Chantal and crew. My prayers and thoughts are with you for your father. Take care Carol

Hi Archie, Thanks for your great service, your movers were really helpful during my moving day. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Hans

Also, as a side note, I would like to thank both you and Chantal for the move. You are both very pleasant and hard working – it was a sincere pleasure meeting you. I won’t hesitate to contact you again in the future! Talk to you soon! Sonia

Thank you so much Archie. The guys were great, professional and helpful. Everything went smooth and nice. You will definitely be recommended ;). Elena

Good Morning! Archie, thank you so much for the wonderful service that you have provided me concerning the delivering of my furniture. Chantal and her helper (sorry, I do not know his name) have been super. They sure know what they are doing. You are professionals and very very nice people. I sure will be considering calling you again if every I have another delivery service or moving. Thank you once again. Ciao! ANN BRENNAN

Hi Archie! I wanted to thank you for your help during my move. Your 2 employees were very quick, efficient, and mostly, very nice and helpful. Everything went as planned and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services. Please extend my thanks to your employees to! I will make sure to recommend your services in the future! Thanks again and have a nice day! Chantal