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Any move big or small may require some kind of moving supplies. Whether it be boxes, tape, markers or other packing materials, we have to know where to get these supplies at a reasonable price. Montreal Small Moves works with With a large inventory of moving supplies, their experienced staff will be more than happy to help you. Call (514) 270-6270

Important Tips


Everything should be packed up, sealed, labeled and ready to go.Labeling boxes helps our team put the boxes in the correct rooms, for easy unpacking and efficiency. Our movers can disassemble any furniture at the time of the move quickly and with great care. Check out our moving supplies page.


  • If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to take care of them in order that you have the time to be completely available for the movers with no distractions for yourself or the movers.
  • Make sure that any painting, repairs or leasehold improvements are finished prior to moving into your new home.
  • Arrange for any disconnection of utilities at your old place and reconnection at your new place. (eg.Hydro )
  • Arrange phone service to be connected at your new home and disconnected at your old home.
  • Return old cable tv equipment from your old home and arrange for new services and equipment to be installed in your new home.


  • Arrange your mail to be forwarded to your new address with Canada post.
  • your address on the following: Drivers license, medical plan, Revenue Canada, Canada pension, Personal bank accounts, including credit cards, and Canadian firearms etc… (If Applicable)
  • Make sure your home insurance policy is changed over to the correct coverage for your new home and belongings.


List of things (obstructions) to move or remove from stairways, walkways, and driveways to make it safe and easy for the movers.

  • Move plants and planters .
  • Remove all door floor mats, and rugs.
  • Remove or hang aside any low hanging items such as wind chimes or hanging plants, or low level lighting.
  • Remove or secure open any doors which may interfere with the move.


Since a lot of the streets in Montreal are very narrow, full of parked vehicles on both sides, or winter conditions leaving very little room to find parking for a moving truck, with extended ramp, it is recommended to try to block of a parking spot outside your building as close as possible to allow the movers to work more quickly with less walking distance to incur a lower final moving cost. This can be done the evening before the move with vehicles or chairs attached by a long rope, and a sign attached advising there will be a move going on.

A lot of buildings will require you to reserve an elevator for a specific time slot,as there may be other moves going on in the same day, or there may only be 1 elevator in the building and it can not be reserved during peak hours. Reserving an elevator will allow the movers to perform a more efficient move, again cutting down the cost of the move. Make sure to arrange this ahead of time with your landlord or building manager.


Dispose of as much trash and all unwanted items before moving day, clearing space for the move. Unwanted items can be sold or given away for free on Craigslist or Kijiji, given to Charity like The Salvation army or renaissance etc., or finally taken to the Eco centre.

  • Dispose of all flammables such as matches, aerosols, fuels and propane tanks before your moving day.
  • Do not leave any breakables or valuables, loose without being protected or in dresser drawers.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer and defrost prior to the move
  • Asses any existing damage on furniture making notes, as not to think the damage was done during the move
  • Make arrangements for a cleaning company to come clean the premises after the move respecting the previous landlord and future tenant.
  • Disassemble any furniture or our team of movers can disassemble and reassemble and furniture that has not already been taken apart. (We bring our tools and knowledge)


  • Take the time to do a walkthrough with the movers prior to starting the move, pointing out items that are valuable or special to you, so extra care and attention will be placed on those items. Also point out any boxes that you may want unloaded first ,so that you can start the setup of your new home with the essentials.


  • Re-check house before the driver leaves. Looking for anything that may have been left behind. Check the garage, attic, crawl space, shed, and storage unit. Make sure that the hardware for any disassembled furniture is with the movers ready for reassembly.
  • Double check with the movers as to the correct address they are going to, including postal code, and make sure that both you and the movers have the proper phone numbers to reach each other giving a secondary back up number just in case.
  • Let the movers know if you will be leading or following them, or if you will be arriving after them, and if there is someone else at the moving location to let them in.


  • Provide a secondary name and phone number to be reached at while booking the move,in case there is a problem reaching you on your phone.
  • Refrigerators should be left unplugged for a minimum of 6 hours after being moved and other appliances or electronics should also be left to adjust to room temperature before being plugged in if the weather falls to an extreme of hot or cold.


List of must-have moving supplies to protect your belongings and keep the move as organised & efficient as possible.

  • 1 Boxes. Getting a variety of sized boxes can be useful with different items keeping the weight of each box reasonable for proper moving and stacking on the truck.Eg.Books should go into smaller boxes because of the weight. Plastic tote bins are being used more and more these days replacing boxes.
  • 2 Packing tape & tape dispenser. Make sure that there is enough packing tape available to seal and secure your boxes, with a tape dispenser being useful if there are a lot of boxes to tape up. Tape dispensers prevent the frustration that goes with breaking or cutting the tape and searching for the end when being used again.
  • 3 Markers. Markers are a valuable tool used to label packed boxes on top and sides, allowing you to know which boxes go to which room in the home, and makes unpacking so much easier and convenient as you may want to find something in particular right away.
  • 4 Packing paper. Packing paper are sheets of paper used to pack plates, glasses, pictures,etc.,or used as a filler for half full boxes. Newspaper can also be used.
  • 5 Moving blankets. Moving blankets will be supplied by us to protect furniture,tv’smirrors,pictures,and other fragile items. If your belonging are going to storage,you may want to purchase your own blankets,so they can be left on the items,protecting them and aloowing them to already be prepared when they will be moved out of storage.
  • 6 Shrink wrap. One of the handiest supplies used to protect wooden furniture from scratching, wrap sofas, secure rolled up carpets and bundling up loose items keeping them together.
  • 7 Mattress Covers. These are plastic covers or bags fit to size used to keep the mattress clean and protected from any bacterias, or bug infestations. A MUST on our trucks, and we carry them with us at all times.
  • 8 Bubble wrap. Anything Fragile or breakable can be protected with bubble wrap ensuring that the items are protected to the maximum. Everything from Lamps, pictures/painting and electronics. Having enough is imperative to protect valuables.
  • 9 Dollies or Carts. Dollies can be very useful especially with heavy items or multiple boxes in areas like hallways, corridors or elevators, or flat distances to or from the truck. Probably not ma necessary expense, as we are fully equipped with them on our trucks.


Shopping for your moving supplies can be done easily with great prices by calling ((514) 270-6270) or following the link below.


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Hi Archie, first of all thank you so much for your work and professionalism this Saturday. I know the weather was bad and I really appreciate that you did the job. As I mentioned to you I would like to hire you again for two more jobs: I look forward to hearing from you, Milena

Hello archi, First of all I would like to thank you for the work that you did. My uncle was very impressed with your work, and spoke very highly of you. As we talked before I will be needing you again in July. However I think that I booked you for the 8th and I am wondering if I can move the date up to the 7th. If that is not good for you we can do it sooner as well. Please let me know if this is ok.

H Archie I just wanted to thank you so very much for the amazing efficient job done by Chantal and crew. My prayers and thoughts are with you for your father. Take care Carol

Hi Archie, Thanks for your great service, your movers were really helpful during my moving day. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Hans

Also, as a side note, I would like to thank both you and Chantal for the move. You are both very pleasant and hard working – it was a sincere pleasure meeting you. I won’t hesitate to contact you again in the future! Talk to you soon! Sonia

Thank you so much Archie. The guys were great, professional and helpful. Everything went smooth and nice. You will definitely be recommended ;). Elena

Good Morning! Archie, thank you so much for the wonderful service that you have provided me concerning the delivering of my furnitures. Chantal and her helper (sorry, I do not know his name) have been super. They sure know what they are doing. You are professionals and very very nice people. I sure will be considering calling you again if every I have another delivery service or moving. Thank you once again. Ciao! ANN BRENNAN

Hi Archie! I wanted to thank you for your help during my move. Your 2 employees were very quick, efficient, and mostly, very nice and helpful. Everything went as planned and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services. Please extend my thanks to your employees to! I will make sure to recommend your services in the future! Thanks again and have a nice day! Chantal