OLDER Testimonials

I thought Archie and Chantal were amazing! They were friendly, punctual and very fast! I was so impressed that right after they left, I called my other friends who needed movers and gave them his contact information. If I ever move again, I know the person I'm going to.

- Jesse

I think Archie and Chantal were phenomenal. In under 40 minutes, they loaded and fit all of our stuff - including two other people and a dog - into the van, drove to the new address and unloaded all the boxes and bags. They were very friendly, accommodating and their rates beat any other. I was very lucky to find them and could not have asked for better help. In summation, they have the super-strength of Superman and the super-speed of The Flash. Best movers ever! 

- Chance

It's already been the second time I use this service and I'd highly recommend it. Furniture and appliances well handled and with care, no damage, very price competitive and most of all: super friendly! Plus, if you are as bad as me concerning appliances, they even help you install your washer and dryer! In a nutshell, I wouldn't call anyone else! In fact, I know exactly who to call next time I need to move furniture and appliances.

- Sabrina

In french:
C'est déjà la deuxième fois que fais appel à eux et je les recommande vivement! Les meubles et l'électroménager sont bien transportés et avec précaution, sans dommages, prix très avantageux et plus que tout un couple très sympathique! En plus, si vous êtes comme moi nulle avec les installations d'électroménagers, ils vous aident même à connecter les laveuses et sécheuses. En résumé, je ne contacterai personne d'autre! Je sais exactement qui appeler la prochaine fois que j'ai besoin d'aide pour un déménagement de meubles et d'électroménagers.


- Sabrina

Just a quick word to thank Archie and Chantal for their excellent service. Polite, courteous, on time, and efficient. What could you ask for more in a moving company. We will certainly use their services again when the need arises.

Thanks again,

- Paul

Hey Archie,
At the beginning of the year you and your girlfriend helped me move into my current apartment and were GREAT and now I would love to hire you again to move out (to about...3 blocks away). The biggest thing I need is to pick up the couch that I'm buying. The dimensions are 74" long x 36" deep and another that is 88" x 36" (it's one of those ones that forms an L. I'm wondering if you think you could fit that?? I would say two trips and that might be necessary if it comes down to it but it's in the West Island (Pierrefonds) so obviously I'm sure you would prefer to do it in one trip. I'm downtown on Sherbrooke and Jeanne-Mance. The day I was thinking would be best would be next Thursday the 21st (anytime). Obviously that could be changed though. What are your thoughts??


- Kelsey Isbester

Hi Archie!
You helped me move last year and I was happy to be able to find your address again - I'm moving again on the 1st of May, from roughly the corner of Avenue Laval and Sherbrooke to St. Denis and Sherbrooke, so only about a block but I need to move a couch, coffee table, kitchen table + chairs, my bed, and some other stuff and my new place is a 3 floor walk up. Are you free at any point on May 1st?

Thank you,

- Sarah

Archie and Chantal have helped me with two separate moves and exceeded my expectations both times. They get the job done quickly and efficiently, and have great personalities to boot! Trustworthy and reliable, I highly recommend their services.

- Stephanie (Mcgill University)

Moving with you guys was really smooth , fast and efficient.You were both super focused and it made the whole experience of moving surprisingly agreable. I also appreciated your friendly disposition and was happy to pay your reasonable rates. I will be contacting you next time I move, or if I need some help picking up furniture, etc. And I will certainly recommend you to any friends who may be in need of moving services. I wish you all the best!


- Jessica

Hey Archie,
Yeah I'd be glad to do that. Last year Archie and Chantal made my move into my first apartment and made it much less stressful than I had anticipated. They helped me pick up all of my craigslist purchases and were very friendly and fun along the way. I saved business cards for over a year and then this summer I again called them up to help me move. They picked up a huge L shaped couch for me, moved me into my new place, and it didn't cost me the ridiculous amount it would have if I'd used some big moving company. I couldn't recommend them more!

- Kelsey

Hi there,
you once amazingly moved two couches for me. I have a piano in laval that needs to be moved into montreal, 1282 alexandre deseve. I'm wondering how much this would cost me, and when you can do the move.

Thank you,

- Lee

Hi Archie!
Thank you for the move! You guys were really great! I am going to move again at the end of June and was wondering if you would be available the 25th or the 26th?

Again, thank you!

- Virginie

The service was fast and effective. Archie was well organized upon arrival and was very experienced negotiating entrance ways and corridor's. I would recommend him for anyone needing assistance with any small move.

- Eric

My experience with THE TRANSPORTER has been all positive! I have used Archie and Chantal's services several times and find them to be reliable and conscientious. It is very apparent that they truly care about their customers. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again for my future needs.

- Terry Batah, D.D.O.

Archie et Chantal sont vraiment des gens d'affaires formidables. Ils sont consciencieux et fiables. C'est évident que la satisfaction de leur clientèle est prioritaire pour eux car il travaille avec beaucoup de soin. Je les recommande sans hésitation et n'hésiterais pas à engager LES TRANSPORTER pour mes futures livraisons.

- Terry Batah, D.D.O.

Hi Archie,
I was so happy to hear from you again. I would be delighted to give you a reference since you have done such a great job for me on my move. I had called another company that had broken my son's bed, and asked them to leave, but when you came you brought the pieces for me and was able to put it back together in no time. You also worked very fast and was honest with the time. I recommended to you to 2 more of my friends whom will be calling you soon and I also would like it if you called me when you have availabilitites to transport my fridge and stove, I will send you a e-mail reference asap.

- Tanna J
February 28. 2011

I just want to say what a pleasure it was to work with you again this weekend. For the second time in the last year, you came through big time in helping with a significant move. You are punctual, hard working, and reliable. I look forward to calling on you again.

- Bob Babinski

Archie is super-reliable, the price is very right, and he's a super nice guy to deal with. So that's why I call him every time I need him. That's what I have to say !! See you another time, Archie. I'm going home to Rome in a few days. I have given your name and number to the young French woman whose stuff you helped me move to storage. She'll be here around September 1sh.

- Take care, Neal

Archie and his assistant came prepared, taking care of my move quickly and carefully. He fit me into a busy first of the month with less than a day's notice and did his utmost to accommodate me when I needed to reschedule. They bare both are hardworking, honest, and warm people, and I recommend them to anyone wishing a fast, cheap move. Thank you guys for making this stressful occasion so easy for me.

- Olga K
Downtown Montreal

I hired Archie twice and found Archie's service courteous, efficient as well as reliable. I highly recommend it to people for small moves. He is usually also very affordable if you are on a budget.

- Mack P

Archie as an individual and mover is seriously the best. His van is spacious, his company entertaining, and his personality will make sure you never feel bored during a ride. The van and the rides are safe, and secure. That is why I have used him every time I move or have a small job. Archie is the best! I have recommended him to 12 other people, and he is always the topic of conversation when we all hang out together. Thanks archie! For being different from the regular moving guys!

- Marshall

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